That’s what I call my financial planners.  They generally tell me I need to go back to work within a few years. Otherwise, I will live too long to remain solvent such that I will wind up a starving writer living on the streets.  Hence, this blog which will propel me into solvency with my very first book. That or, according to the  longevity police,  I’m supposed to ask my dad and my in-laws what I can expect to inherit.  Way awkward.

When George first died, I came back to life by deciding to remodel my bathroom.  The longevity police thought I should provide them with a budget.  Nope…I still haven’t.  I consider myself a style maven. My best accessory is my Porsche Carrera 4s.  I wish my best friend John wouldn’t call it a Douche Camera, but you know, he’s counter culture.   Besides, the car was George’s.  It has sentimental value.Then there’s my handbag collection, which has scared off more than one potential suitor.   So if this blog doesn’t make it for book promotion, it may evolve into a style blog.  Bring on the swag!