I’m in Woman’s Day talking about being needy in my relationship. My article is written from the perspective of a widow, but I think these feelings arise when we’re adrift in a new romantic situation, be it from death or divorce or a break up. And much of my article is how I got over my feelings of neediness.

It begins:  One night, I told my boyfriend,”You used to call me beautiful all the time…” The next night when he said he was too tired to come over I complained, “I really need to see you tonight, I’m lonely.” And the worst cliche, when he joked we’d eaten too much at an all-inclusive resort, I bleated, “Do I look fat?….Oooh, what did he say.  Let’s go read the rest here, shall we: my clingy article.

So, please share if you know someone who might relate. And while I’m at it, and I know I say this a lot, don’t really know what I’m doing with a blog. What would you like to see here?


Chat soon,

Love, Debbie