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One of the Few Times I’ve Tried Cooking

Last October, there was a hot, nearly naked, 30-year-old app developer in my bathroom, but I really wanted him to leave. I’d met him online on OK Cupid, and he’d suggested a rendezvous. After a preliminary meet up, I picked him up a few days later at the nearest BART station for what was supposed to be a hook up. But once I got him to my house, I didn’t feel excited. Just really uncomfortable.

I told myself that the guy was a failed experiment; what did I expect trying to live alone for the first time at age 49?

* * *

And so starts my article in Elle Decor.  Now go read the rest of it here: The Truth About Living Alone for the First Time  And I am so thrilled.  Please share if you like it.  Tell me what you think in the comments!

Grateful for the editing help I got.

Love, Debbie