While I was out:  I just got back from France and wanted to share two new article-things. Apologies if this is redundant of my Facebook Pages.

I’m in Woman’s Day again with “How I Dealt with the Dark Aftermath of my Husband’s Unexpected Death.”

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It begins:  Seven days after my husband George died of metastasized male breast cancer in April 2013, I drove alone to the mortuary to pick up his death certificate. I had no one to go with me. ..Now let’s read the rest here:   Coping with Grief in Woman’s Day

Second, the Male Breast Cancer Coalition asked me to share George’s story in the “In Memorium” section of their website.  This is such an important organization (actually several) which raises awareness of male breast cancer, a subject close to my heart since it  took my George.

It starts: In 1970, I met my future husband, George Albert Hansen, at a pool party at his parents’ house in Walnut Creek, CA. His mother and my father worked together as physicists. I was seven. George was eleven with curly dark hair and brown eyes…The rest is here: In memorium George Albert Hansen

I am so grateful to be able t share George’s story.  Please share it too if it resonates with you.

And now, I think my next post will be about me on my own.