Dear Friends,

This blog is a bummer. Poor thing, it’s just a repository for things I get published. I haven’t given it a life of its own.

I always wanted to be “Dear Abby” or “Dear Beth” or Dear Prudence” (yes, there is one) or, my idol, “Miss Manners.” If I get them, I will answer one ”Dear Abby” style question per day. They can be on the holidays, on widowhood, or dating (I am an online dating queen) or anything else. I will not identify the questioner.

My answers may be more humorous than truly informational. I am not a trained anything. (Ok, I was a trained lawyer, but that’s an oxymoron). But I will offer my best answer and I will post it.   Please refer any friends who need advice. Any questions on The Theory of Relativity I will refer to my dad the nuclear physicist.

I like blogging when I get to connect with people. My last published thing was on caregiver guilt. I got comments and messages and people shared stories and I was so moved. I got to chat with new people! Writing without input is sort of deathly to me.

Like Scarlett O’Hara, my blog will have a better tomorrow. I know people have come to this thing and have read it. (Mainly because I’ve gotten a few things published). I”m up for playing with this.

I belong to blogging sites and I get that Instagram is the new black. But, you know, I don’t cook and how many pictures of bagels with lox and cream cheese do you want to look at? I can put up pictures of my new homewares, with a “Redecorating for widowhood” theme, but yeesh, right?

Plus, in Widowland, redecorating and remodeling don’t really help with the loss. I thought they would, but they don’t. Few things help. I’ve found a few, but…I may need to write that article under a pseudonym.

I can try a quote of the day, but I’m not really the affirmation quote type. My version of a positive quote: “If things suck, just say so. Putting on an act only makes you more tired.” (I made that up!)

So, open letter, I am up for suggestions on this. Please think of the lovely young web developer who set up this blog for me. I don’t want to kill all his hard work.  He helped me with glitches without charging me. (I’d love to refer him to people).

So, tell me a problem you want advice about. Or let me know if you want to see photos of my new stainless steel Alessi tea tray designed by a famous Italian Guy.

Many of us lost our spouses. Even more of us are just lonely. And the holidays just have to rub that in don’t they?