Gary, My “High School” Beau, and I

Hello Lovelies,

I’m in Good Housekeeping Again.  And I am so grateful.  Here’s the start:


I was 50 going on 15, trying to figure out how to live without him. When my husband George died, I was plunged into a second adolescence. Whether I wanted to or not.

George and I were both introverts, content to socialize only with each other. When he became ill with cancer, I acted like an adult, taking care of him and everything else.When he died, I was alone and isolated. We didn’t have kids. I hadn’t worked in over 13 years. I had to do something.

Almost involuntarily, I turned back into an insecure teenager…


Now please read the rest here.  (Yeah, you’ve got time.  Have a beverage.  Put your feet up) :  I was a Teenager in Good Housekeeping

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